Critical Reviews in the History of Science

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Aestimatio is an Open Access journal providing critical, timely assessments of books published in the history of what was called science from antiquity up to the early modern period in cultures ranging from Spain to India, and from Africa to northern Europe. The aim is to allow reviewers the opportunity to engage critically both the results of research in the history of science and how these results are obtained.

Recent annual volumes of Aestimatio are roughly 400 pages in length and contain about 35 items (reviews, review articles, articles, memorial notices, and books received).


Aestimatio is registered in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) and the Standard Periodical Directory (Oxbridge). It is available on the IRCPS websbite  for reading and downloading free of charge. Just go to the Current Volume page and the pages for past volumes listed there in the side menu. It is also distributed through Iter Academic Press and freely available at in the Open Journal System (OJS) hosted by the University of Toronto Library. (OJS is open source journal publishing and management software developed by the Public Knowledge Project.) Aestimatio is also distributed by EBSCO.

Printed annual volumes of Aestimatio are available for purchase. Please contact the Publications Manager ( for further information.

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Copyright and Licensing

The IRCPS holds copyright to all items published in Aestimatio and offers them under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives License (CC BY-NC-ND). For details, see Authors retain publishing rights without restriction.

Review Policy

Though many of the reviews published in Aestimatio will be solicited by special invitation, readers are welcome to volunteer to write a review by sending an email message to the Editor ( that lists the title and author of the book they wish to review and gives a brief indication of their qualifications to undertake this review.

There are no costs to the authors submitting reviews. All reviews submitted are subject to Editorial review. The Editors reserve the right not to publish particular reviews but will make every effort respectfully to persuade their authors to effect revisions that avoid this outcome.

Guidelines for Reviewers

We encourge authors to consult our Guidelines for Reviewers for information on the preparation and submission of items to Aestimatio.

Book Submission

Publishers are invited to send books for review in Aestimatio to:

Pamela A. Cooper
Publications Manager, Aestimatio
1077–3 Kerrimuir Road
Baysville, ON P0B 1A0