Aestimatio 1 (2004)

ISSN 1549–4497 (online)
ISSN 1549–4470 (print)
Alan C. Bowen and Tracey E. Rihll edd. Aestimatio volume 1 (2004) complete 1-174
John M. Steele Lengths, Widths, Surfaces: A Portrait of Old Babylonian Algebra and Its Kin by Jens Høyrup 1-4
Glen M. Cooper Alhacen’s Theory of Visual Perception: A Critical Edition, with English Translation and Commentary, of the First Three Books of Alhacen’s De Aspectibus, the Medieval Latin Version of Ibn al-Haytham’s Kitab al-Manazir by A. Mark Smith 5-12
Mauro Zonta Maimonides: On Asthma. A Parallel Arabic-English Text by Gerrit Bos 13-18
Serafina Cuomo Fibonacci’s Liber Abaci: A Translation into English of Leonardo Pisano’s Book of Calculation by Laurence E. Sigler 19-27
Robert G. Morrison The Enterprise of Science in Islam by Jan P. Hogendijk and A. I. Sabra edd. 28-43
Tracey E. Rihll Greek Science of the Hellenistic Era: A Sourcebook by Georgia L. Irby-Massie and Paul T. Keyser 44-50
Mauro Zonta Les méthodes de travail de Gersonide et le maniement du savoir chez les scholastiques by Colette Sirat, Sara Klein-Braslavy, and Olga Weijers edd. 51-56
Ruth Glasner Averroës: Middle Commentary on Aristotle’s De anima. A Critical Edition of the Arabic Text with English Translation, Notes, and Introduction by Alfred L. Ivry 57-61
Paul T. Keyser The Way and the Word: Science and Medicine in Early China and Greece by Geoffrey Lloyd and Nathan Sivin 62-72
Eleanor Robson Ägyptische Algorithmen: eine Untersuchung zu den mittelägyptischen mathematischen Aufgabentexten by Annette Imhausen 73-79
Daniel W. Graham Heraclitus: Greek Text with a Short Commentary by Miroslav Marcovich 80-85
Emilia Calvo Astronomy in the Iberian Peninsula: Abraham Zacut and the Transition from Manuscript to Print by José Chabás and Bernard R. Goldstein 86-90
James T. Robinson Religious Confessions and the Sciences in the Sixteenth Century by Jürgen Helm and Annette Winkelmann edd. 91-106
Joshua J. Reynolds Inference from Signs: Ancient Debates about the Nature of Evidence by James Allen 107-112
Paolo Palmieri Isaac Newton’s Natural Philosophy by J. Z. Buchwald and I. B. Cohen edd. 113-121
Bernard R. Goldstein Babylonian Eclipse Observations from 750 BC to 1 BC by Peter J. Huber and Salvo De Meis 122-125
Fabio Acerbi De rebus nauticus: L’arte della navigazione nel mondo antico by Stefano Medas 126-130
Robert Hannah Ancestor of the West: Writing, Reasoning, and Religion in Mesopotamia, Elam, and Greece by Jean Bottéro, Clarisse Herrenschmidt, and Jean-Pierre Vernant 131-137
James G. Lennox Aristoteles chemicus: Il IV libro dei ’Meteorologica’ nella tradizione antica e medievale by Cristina Viano 138-147
Nathan Sidoli The Works of Archimedes: Volume I. The Two Books on the Sphere and the Cylinder by Reviel Netz 148-162
Hermann Hunger The Heavenly Writing: Divination, Horoscopy, and Astronomy in Mesopotamian Culture by Francesca Rochberg 163-166
Teun Tieleman Routledge History of Philosophy: II. From Aristotle to Augustine by David Furley ed. 167-169
Staff Books Received 2004 170-174