Aestimatio 13 (2016–2018)

ISSN 1549–4497 (online)
ISSN 1549–4470 (print)
Robert Hannah The Inscriptions of the Antikythera Mechanism by AMRG 1-9
Eileen Reeves Hermes and the Telescope: In the Crucible of Galileo’€™s Life-World by Paolo Palmieri 10-18
Glen Van Brummelen Essays on Medieval Computational Astronomy by José Chabás and Bernard R. Goldstein 19-25
Fernando Q. Gouvêa Research in the History and Philosophy of Mathematics: The CHSPM 2014 Annual Meeting in St. Catherine’s, Ontario by Maria Zack and Elaine Landry edd. 26-29
Richard Lorch Islamic Astronomy and Geography by David A. King 30-31
Roger Beck Recherches Mithriaques. Quarante ans de questions et d’€™investigations by Robert Turcan 32-36
Matjaž Vesel Before Copernicus and Copernicus 37-79
Harry Hine Metaphorical Coherence: Studies in Seneca’€™s Epistulae Morales by Aron Sjöblad 80-84