Aestimatio 4 (2007)

ISSN 1549–4497 (online)
ISSN 1549–4470 (print)
Alan C. Bowen and Tracey E. Rihll edd. Aestimatio volume 4 (2007) complete 1-226
Lee Ann Riccardi The Archaeology Coursebook: An Introduction to Study Skills, Topics and Methods. Second Edition by Jim Grant, Sam Gorin, and Neil Fleming edd. 1-5
Charles Burnett L’Alchimie et ses racines philosophiques: La tradition grecque et la tradition arabe by Cristina Viano ed. 6-7
Larrie D. Ferreiro A Reponse to McGee on Ferreiro, Ships and Science 8-12
Georgia L. Irby-Massie Principles and Practices in Ancient Greek and Chinese Science by G. E. R. Lloyd 13-28
Heike Sefrin-Weis Die antiken Sonnenuhren Griechenlands Festland und Peloponnes mit CD-ROM by Karlheinz Schaldach 29-39
Corinna Rossi Karnak: Evolution of a Temple by Elizabeth Blyth 40-43
Peter Lautner Hellenic Philosophy: Origin and Character by Christos C. Evangeliou 44-55
Y. Tzvi Langermann Studies in Medieval Astronomy and Optics by José Luis Mancha 56-61
James G. Lennox Charles Darwin, Geologist by Sandra Herbert 62-67
C. Robert Phillips III Animals, Gods and Humans: Changing Attitudes to Animals in Greek, Roman, and Early Christian Times by Ingvild Saelid Gilhus 68-80
Sylvia Berryman Explaining the Cosmos: The Ionian Tradition of Scientific Philosophy by Daniel W. Graham 81-86
Fabio Acerbi Archytas of Tarentum: Pythagorean, Philosopher and Mathematician King by Carl A. Huffman 87-94
Stephen Brogan Miracles in Enlightenment England by Jane Shaw 95-100
Georgette Taylor Materials in Eighteenth-Century Science: A Historical Ontology by Ursula Klein and Wolfgang Lefèvre 101-111
Kevin van Bladel The Secret History of Hermes Trismegistus: Hermeticism from Ancient to Modern Times by Florian Ebeling. by David Lorton trans. 112-118
G. R. Boys-Stones Philosophy in the Roman Empire: Ethics, Politics and Society by Michael Trapp 119-123
Jens Høyrup The Development of Mathematics in Medieval Europe: The Arabs, Euclid, Regiomontanus by Menso Folkerts 124-143
John M. Steele Astronomical Diaries and Related Texts from Babylonia Including Materials by Abraham J. Sachs: Volume VI. Goal Year Texts by Hermann Hunger ed. 144-147
William Wians Aristotle on Teleology by Monte Ransome Johnson 148-154
James E. Morrison Stoeffler's Elucidatio: The Construction and Use of the Astrolabe by Alessandro Gunella and John Lamprey edd. and trans. 155-161
Antonio Clericuzio Atoms and Alchemy: Chymistry and the Experimental Origins of the Scientific Revolution by William R. Newman 162-165
Nick Wilding Galileo's Instruments of Credit: Telescopes, Images, Secrecy by Mario Biagioli 166-174
Duane H. Jaecks The Telescope: Its History, Technology, and Future by Geoff Andersen 175-178
Clemency Montelle The Mathematics of Egypt, Mesopotamia, China, India, and Islam: A Sourcebook by Victor Katz ed. 179-191
Margaret Graver The Stoics on Determinism and Compatibilism by Ricardo Salles 192-197
Bradford McCall The Cambridge History of Science: Vol. 4. Eighteenth-Century Science by Roy Porter ed. 198-200
Robert Hannah Censorinus: The Birthday Book by Holt N. Parker trans. 201-206
Ruth Glasner Averrois opera: Commentarium magnum in Aristotelis physicorum librum septimum (Vindobonensis, lat. 2334) by Horst Schmieja ed. 207-212
Harry M. Hine Theophrastus on Weather Signs by David Sider and Carl Wolfram Brunschön edd. 213-218
Andrew Smith Proclus' Commentary on Plato's Timaeus: III. Book 3, Part 1: Proclus on the World's Body by Dirk Baltzly ed. and trans. 219-222
Staff Books Received 2007 223-226