Sources and Studies in the History of Science

This peer-reviewed publication is devoted to the history of premodern science understood as a subject that includes not only what was variously called science from antiquity up to the early modern period in cultures ranging from Spain to India, and from Africa to northern Europe, but also the diverse contexts in which this science figured at a given  time. It aims to make fundamental texts in the history of science accessible to the modern reader both online and in print, primarily (but not exclusively) by means of editions, translations, and interpretations that satisfy the requirements of specialists but still address the needs of non-specialists and general readers.

Interpretatio comes in two forms. The first, Series A, is comprised of brief  items (each numbered and paginated separately) that are published as they are ready. The second, Series B, is for monographs, collections of essays, and the like.

Interpretatio is intended for readers interested in the history and interpretation of the various disciplines called science in the West from antiquity until the modern era, as well as in intellectual history and philology.


Prospective authors are invited to discuss proposals for items in this series with the Editors. Please direct all correspondence to: Editors, Interpretatio,