Neugebauer Microform Index of the Exact Sciences

The IRCPS has prepared and now offers a digital version of the 26,002 file-cards prepared over 60 years by Otto Neugebauer (1899–1990), the renowned historian of the exact sciences. On these cards, Neugebauer wrote by hand the very detailed and meticulous notes that he used for research and publication throughout his career. These cards fall into two types. The first are subject-cards which divide the history of the exact sciences by time period, culture (Classical Greek and Roman, Babylonian, Egyptian, Islamic, Judaic, Byzantine, European) and topic (the various branches of the mathematical sciences such as arithmetic, geometry, trigonometry, astronomy; scientific instruments, calendars, lexica, and so on). These subject-cards are keyed to the second type of cards, the bibliographical cards which record the literature and documents that Neugebauer consulted.

A User Guide for the Neugebauer index (PDF) is also included.  Please note that link to the user guide will open a PDF document; it may be read and printed using Acrobat Reader (version 8.0 or later). This software may be downloaded free of charge from For information, please contact:

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